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The KHALDEA EphemerisTM, the is most accurate and precise tabular astrological ephemeris and aspectarian ever published, either on the web or by conventional means. Its data and graphics are entirely computer generated. The online KHALDEA EphemerisTM displays geocentric longitudes in degree, minute and second format for the years 1900 to 2100, and in degree, minute and tenth minute format from 600BC to 1899. KHALDEA EphemerisTM core data is accurate within 0.3 arcsecond (three-tenths of a second arc) for all positions when compared to the best data generated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory - the JPL DE406 and LE406. In the aspectarian, which is displayed below the ephemeris for the years 1900 to 2100, aspects and other timed data are accurate within one minute (on the clock).
     The KHALDEA EphemerisTM uses the Gregorian Calendar from 4 October 1582 and the Julian Calendar (Old Style) for all dates prior to 4 October 1582.
      All data and graphics generated by the KHALDEA EphemerisTM are producted by US and International Copyright and reproduction and distribution in any form is strictly prohibit. The images presented online by CyberWorld Khaldea are strictly for your personal use only. See Notices for conditions of use.