This is the place to learn about mercury retrograde in astrology. The truth about mercury retrograde. Don't believe what the merchants of fear say about mercury retrograde.

The Progressed
Mercury Cycle

In addition to enabling you to discover your intrinsic mental temperament, turning-points and stages of development throughout your life-cycle. This is easily accomplished by studying the secondary progressed Mercury cycle.
      Progressed transitions from one Mercury type to the next are revealing. The critical, rebellious and combative side of the Promethean-Retrograde type gradually mellows and learns how to effectively and constructively impress its future-oriented ideas upon others during the progressed Promethean-Direct phase. Around the progressed superior conjunction, mental faculties are particularly keen. During the progressed Epimethean-Direct phase, the mind broadens its perspective, becoming more aware of things in their social and historical context. The Epimethean-Retrograde phase is an intense period during which the mind may become discontent and restless, longing for broader horizons and new possibilities. To make the best of new possibilities, the mind must first essentialize and give meaning to the past. For any natal Mercury type, it is therefore a reflective period suggesting spiritual discontent and discovery. It is the time of "seed-making," of preparing for the moment when, at the progressed inferior conjunction, the seed of the past cycle is impregnated with a new future.

1. Promethean-Retrogade
2. Promethean-Direct
3. Epimethean-Direct
4. Epimethean-Retrograde
The Progressed Mercury Cycle

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