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With patience and surgical skill Michael R. Meyer cuts through non-essentials in astrological thought. He continues to weaves, in this his third book, a place in the continuum . . . that has been preparing astrology for its function in the new age. . . . The Astrology of Relationship should prove a treasure-trove for students who seek insights into themselves, their fellows, and the Greater Life.

Charles Browning
The American Theosophist

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A Humanistic Approach to the Practice of Synastry
by Michael R. Meyer

First published by Doubleday & Co., 17 September 1976.
toExcel/iUniverse edition: 5 February 2000;
ISBN: 0-595-08934-8;
Trade Paperback; 262 pages;

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The First Book Devoted to Synastry is Back in Print!

Of all the branches of astrology, it is probably "synastry" the technique of comparing the birth charts of two or more persons that most fascinates those attracted to astrology today. This is the first book to deal thoroughly with the basic purpose and techniques of chart comparison in clear, contemporary terms. Going beyond the simplistic popular methods which compare only sun signs, Michael R. Meyer's humanistic approach to synastry offers a responsible tool for understanding both the difficult and the mutually constructive aspects of any relationship.

The Astrology of Relationship begins with a brief overview of "relationship," its place in traditional astrological practice and in the light of modern psychology and philosophy. Explaining the significance of planets, houses and signs in determining personal compatibility, Meyer offers a step-by-step technique for chart comparison, including full instructions for casting and interpreting zodiacal contact, house contact, and composite charts. To demonstrate the methods described, the book concludes with synastric analyses of three important relationships in history: Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung; George Sand and Frederic Chopin; and founders of the Theosophical Society, Madame Blavatsky and Henry Olcott. Michael R. Meyer is the author of A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer and The Astrology of Change: Horary Astrology and its Humanistic Applications.

Providing a comprehensive and accessible outline of astrology's fundamental concepts and principles, The Astrology of Relationship serves as an excellent introduction to astrological thought. Additionally, it introduces several new ideas and methods into astrological practice, such as cyclic midpoints and house-oriented positions and aspects. The section on The Circle of Sex explores the spectrum of human sexuality and sexual orientation.

Founded upon the repeatedly affirmed premise that anyone can quickly learn the core principles of astrology and put them to use to improve one's life and relationships, The Astrology of Relationship intentionally avoids the usual cookbook format in favor of exploring astrology's fundamental concepts and principles. In it and in his other works, such as A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer, Michael R. Meyer demonstrates his unmatched ability to make astrology accessible to everyone.


Part One: The Mystery of Human Relatedness

1. The Evolution of Astrological Consciousness
2. The Nature of Relationship

Part Two: The Astrological Symbols of Relationship

3. Synastry and the Symbolism of Relationship
4. The Planets
5. Planetary Phases and Aspects
6. The Houses
7. The Signs
8. Planetary Combinations

Part Three: Synastry
A Guide to Understanding Relationship

9. The Technique of Synastry
10. The Practice of Synastry


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