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Live Online
17 May 2000

Official Opening
28 May 2000

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Greetings! You have discovered the cyberspace home of authentic humanistic and transpersonal astrology and the philosophy and metaphysics of Wholeness in the 21st Century! Enter CyberWorld Khaldea, and discover astrology and metaphysics that will rock your world!

CyberWorld Khaldea went live online on 17 May 2000, and its official opening was 28 May 2000. We've been growing ever since and there's lots more to come. In pursuit of our mission to make the tools of astrology freely available worldwide, during March 2002 we made a number of important additions and improvements to our domain. A 3,000 Year Online Edition of the high-precision, ultra-accurate KhaldeaEphemerisTM was added, our online KhaldeaCalendarTM was improved and the Chart Gallery was expanded to 1,000 natal horoscopes — all with enhanced graphics. Always visit our home page first to learn what's new and happening at CyberWorld Khaldea . . . the Ultimate Destination of Humanistic Astrologers, Metaphysical Ladies, Philosophers of Wholeness, Tantric Dakinis, Avant-Garde Musicians and the coolest of the cool.

During July 2000 we launched the online Rudhyar Archival Project, dedicated to Dane Rudhyar — avant-garde composer, premier philosopher of Wholeness and the most important astrologer of the 20th century. The online archive currently holds many online books, more than a hundred articles and an illustrated biography. You can purchase hard-to-find books at The Rudhyar Bookshop.

You don't need a map to find your way around the wonderful world of Khaldea. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is provided, and our Ephemeris, Calendar and Charts all feature comprehensive help systems which explain how to use the tools, and the help pages even show novices how to decipher astrological symbols and glyphs.

Do you feel at home in CyberWorld Khaldea? Would you like to see it grow and provide more services and resources for its citizens? There are no taxes in Khaldea, but you can help support the cause! We make it easy, safe and secure to make a donation. Even a few dollars helps the work! CyberWorld Khaldea is an international site, and you can make an online donation from anywhere in the world. Your donation will help our mission to make the tools of astrology freely available worldwide!

Khaldea represents that multi-dimensional place where it all began, a long, long time ago . . . and where it's going. And the people who bring you CyberWorld Khaldea today have been around for a long, long time. Our direct predecessors in the unbroken chain, the continuum of the eon — Dane Rudhyar, B. P. Wadia, Bhavani Shankar, and H. P. Blavatsky — have been around even longer. We and our direct spiritual ancestors are the parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents of modern astrology and the metaphysics and philosophy of Wholeness. We are the originators and proponents, the original promoters, disseminators and exponents of Humanistic and Transpersonal Astrology. That's what makes Khaldea the cyber fountain-source and true home of authentic Humanistic & Transpersonal Astrology and the Metaphysics & Philosophy of Wholeness.

Finally, issues submerged after 1980 are coming back. Social, political, economic, and ideological changes are starting to surface. Everywhere, everyone, is suddenly open to fresh ideas and attitudes. People want to live in a better, creative tomorrow; but are now forced to realize they must work to make it happen. Delusion and hopelessness can only take you so far. We are at the dawn of a brave new world, where natural remedies, supplements and herbs will promote health, youth and vitality well into the second half-century of life. Because the Jupiter-Saturn opposition brings social-economic fullment or realization of failure, we are experiencing "a global economic crisis," and an accompanying social-political challenge. Times are getting rough, there's going to be a lot of predators out there, and there's stuff we have to know to survive. We'll need to understand ourselves, and be able to psyche-out others with savvy . . . to survive! And Khaldeans are here to help you do it! As we wrote on this page almost ten years ago: The time has come for the vaults of Khaldea to open, and out flows its treasure of art, music, literature and technology. CyberWorld Khaldea is the Ultimate Astrological and Metaphysical Connection.

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