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Previous Features

Two Timeless Articles on the Sabian Symbols, Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones by Gavin K. McClung

Jones & Rudhyar - A Saturnian Proclamation by Gavin K. McClung. During his 2nd Saturn Return, Gavin Kent McClung reflects on meetings with Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar.

Click to read the Prophetic SabianSymbols The Prophetic Sabian Symbols by Gavin Kent McClung. Don't miss this notable two-part article on the Sabian Symbols by Gavin Kent McClung, friend and personal student of the late Marc Edmund Jones. Part One - Speaking of the Eon - discusses the discovery of the Symbols in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler. Part Two - Listening to the Eon Speak - demonstrates the use of the Symbols, with the birth chart of J. Krishnamurti as an example.

Articles by Michael R. Meyer.

Venus Morning Star, Venus Evening Star Your Emotional Type, by Michael R. Meyer. This accessible series features an exposition of the pentagramic cycle of Venus, the four fundamental Venus types and their sub-types, and to top it off, it is illustrated with 54 sample horoscopes linked in and just a mouse click away! If you liked The Four Faces of Mercury and Your Guiding Planet, you won't want to miss this one!

The Four Faces of Mercury - Discover Your Mental Type. The most comprehensive and accessible statement on Mercury Types and Mental Temperament, this installment features more than 25 example charts linked in and only a click away! Click on and read the Introduction, then learn about the Four Mercury Types - Promethean Retrograde, Promethean Direct, Epimethean Direct and Epimethean Retrograde - and the Progressed Mercury Cycle.

Click on to read The Planets-Celestial Organs and their Functions The Planets - Celestial Organs and Their Functions. Novices and experienced astrologers alike will want to click on this installment. It features great graphics, with references and lots of example charts linked in and only a click away! Four pages of preliminary material and treatments of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Click on to start reading this feature. Your Guiding Planet - Discover Your Innate Skills and Inner Faculties. Humanistic astrology focuses on the core principles of astrology, giving you the power to discover a great deal about an astrological chart at a glance, without getting bogged down and sidetracked by a lot of unnecessary data of dubious validity.
      Your Guiding Planet explores the Planet of Oriental Appearance - the planet rising immediately before the Sun in the eastern sky - and how it symbolizes your special skills and inner guiding voice. This feature spans eleven web pages and has 60 example birth-charts linked in and only a click away!

The EON: The 36 Cyclic Aspects Symbolically Depicted by Michael R. Meyer. Learn about waxing and waning phase and find out about those unfamiliar aspects - like the deciles, noviles, septiles, and quintiles! Start with the introduction of this unique series, then read the symbolic depiction of each of the 36 cyclic aspects.

Kurt Cobain - Why Did He Die?
The most influential rock musician of his generation, Kurt Cobain took his life at age 27. Don't believe the vicious rumors . . . See and read about his extraordinary chart.

Now Available Online!
Limited Edition Booklets by Michael R. Meyer

Click on to read free online. Humanistic Astrology Revisited
Humanistic astrology's most definitive foundation statement. This work presents the key features and chief concerns of humanistic astrology. 1996.
Part One; Part Two. 
    Read it free online or purchase one of the few remaining copies at the our new Khaldea Shop.

An Encounter with the Godfather of Humanistic Astrology
An Interview with Michael R. Meyer

Click on to read online. A Call to Transformation - The Astrology of the late-20th and early-21st Centuries
Learn about the long cycles of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and how they correspond with the sweep of human evolution. This is the first and only work to explore the current oscillating Neptune-Pluto Septile aspect which figures largely in today's world situation. 1991 & 1996. Part One;  Part Two;  Part Three. 
    Read it free online or purchase one of the few remaining copies at the our new Khaldea Shop.

Click on to read free online. A New Image of Anthropos and Cosmos - From Ancient Wisdom to A Philosophy of Wholeness. This succinct, revelation-packed work shows as never before how Avatars and spiritual companionships help humanity take its next evolutionary step ahead by providing transformative new images of the universe and our purposeful place in it. 1995. Part One;  Part Two;  Part Three;  Part Four. 

Online Books -
Browse and Purchase Online

Click to browse online and order A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer, by Michael R. Meyer; Preface by Dane Rudhyar. The book that changed astrology - forever! Founded upon the repeatedly affirmed premise that anyone can quickly learn the core principles of astrology and put them to use to improve one's life and relationships, A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer intentionally avoids the usual cookbook format in favor of exploring astrology's fundamental concepts and principles. In it Michael R. Meyer demonstrates his unmatched ability to make astrology accessible to everyone. First published, 1974.

Click on to browse and order. The Astrology of Relationship, by Michael R. Meyer. Of all the branches of astrology, it is probably synastry the technique of comparing the birth charts of two or more persons - that most fascinates those attracted to astrology today. This is the first book to deal thoroughly with the basic purpose and techniques of chart comparison in clear, contemporary terms. First published, 1976.

And don't miss these articles -

from the Rudhyar Centenary - 1995
Rudhyar: Friend, Exemplar and Sage.

Check out this off-site article.
"The Astrology of Spiritual Change".

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