Zodiacal Affinity: Sagittarius and Pisces.

House Affinity: Ninth and twelfth.

Polarity: Feminine.

Colors: Purple, blue violet and deep blue.

Anatomy: The liver and intestines. The feet, thighs and muscle system. Cell formation.

Metal: Tin.

Gem: Amethyst.

Astronomy: The largest planet of our solar system, Jupiter’s day is only ten Earth hours. It orbits the Sun once every 11.86 years. Jupiter is accompanied by thirteen satellites, four of which orbit the planet in a retrograde fashion.

People: Lawyers, judges, the clergy and professional people. Capitalists and philanthropists. Law-makers. Employers.

Things: Items of comfort and prestige. Prosperity and peace. Churches, courts and universities. Pets, because they are a comfort and a luxury. Health and health issues.

Symbology: The glyph for Jupiter shows the receptive, lunar crescent linked with an upward cross of material expansion.

The birth charts of avant-garde composer Erik Satie, painter Henri Matisse, and actress Anjelica Huston all feature a prominent Jupiter.

The preserving principle that promotes the status quo and the established order, while gradually expanding its frames of reference and fields of activity. Assimilation of experience within a well-defined area of activity.

Traditional Attributes
Expansion and growth. Success, prosperity and affluence. Social happiness, opportunities and enterprises. Religious authority and social conventions. Optimism and harmony. Social activities and open-mindedness. Honesty and respectability.

Humanistic Interpretation
Jupiter symbolizes the principle of increase, expansion, magnification, preservation and compensation. It places Martian impulses in an ever-broader arena of action, and tempers primal Martian drives with cooperation and other capacities necessary for survival and success in the social and business arenas. Jupiter therefore represents the religious, legal, moral and philosophical system of the institutions of a society and how they govern individual action. In another sense, Jupiter is the symbol of organizational and administrative processes. In a horoscope, Jupiter symbolizes your capacity for personal expansion, integration and social participation. It represent personal accomplishments and the pride one takes in his or her achievements. Your philosophical outlook and how you can best expand horizons are also indicated by Jupiter in your horoscope.

Gender Shading and Retrograde Indications
Retrograde indications and gender shading for the planets Mars outward can provide an astrologer with a powerful set of keys to psychological dynamics, instruments which can be used with destructive and oppressive results. In a sense, it is fortunate that gender shadings and deeper retrograde interpretations of the astrological planets beyond the earth's orbit are almost entirely unknown to virtually every practicing astrologer today. Although a number of professional and amateur astrologers have attempted to coax me into revealing "the secrets" of gender shading and, especially, retrograde interpretation and how to use astrology to reveal deeper levels of psychological dynamics, none have succeed.
      Their attempts have been unsuccessful because almost everything I have witnessed in recent years indicates that the "astrological community" is simply unable and unready to use such knowledge in a wise and responsible manner. Such knowledge is my both "intellectual property" — accumulated over more than thirty-five years of psychological and astrological study, practice and experience — and the legacy of the continuum of the great pioneers of modern astrology who proceeded me. It is also my duty to use and dispense such knowledge wisely and responsibly.
      The recent resurgence of intense interest in the "legitimatization" and official acceptance of astrology merely reinforces my conviction that the "astrological community" is unfit to handle the real power of astrology. Recent attempts to aid such a program through the establishment of an academic foundation for astrology and the testing and certification of practicing astrologers will ultimately give rise to a power-hungry, controlling, self-perpetuating organization, perhaps not dissimilar to the American Medical Association. Additionally, a legitimatized and officially acceptable form of astrology will necessarily be put to use by exploitive forces in business and politics, and no group or association of astrologers, or college of astrology, will be powerful enough to regulate how the real forces of our society use and misuse the power of astrology. The implications of an officially accepted astrology and the Pandora's Box it will inevitably open has long been a concern of the proponents and exponents of humanistic astrology, a topic explored in-depth in Part Two of my Humanistic Astrology Revisited and in Rudhyar's From Humanistic to Transpersonal Astrology, as well as in his An Attempt at Formulating Minimal Requirements for the Practice of Astrology.

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