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THE MAGIC OF TONE and the Art of Music, by Dane Rudhyar. This long-awaited title, out-of-print since 1987, The Magic of Tone is now available free online at the Rudhyar Archival Project. Serious interest in Rudhyar's pioneering work as a composer is growing rapidly. The Magic of Tone comprises Rudhyar's last word (written in 1982, three years before his passing) on Sound, Tone, Music and the Rhythm of Civilization and Culture.

Musical Works

See the List of Musical Works by Dane Rudhyar

Musical Scores

For scores of Rudhyar's musical works, visit the site of the American Composers Alliance.

Musical scores 5 Stanzas and Granites are also available from SheetMusicPlus.com

Also Available Online

Available Offsite

Dane Rudhyar's Vision of American Dissonance, by Carol Oja. American Music, Summer 1999.

Also of Interest

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New Recording of
Rudhyar's Piano Music

Four Pentagrams; Paeans; Granites; Prophetic Rite
Ron Squibbs, Piano.

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The Music of Rudhyar & Satie
Musica Obscura

Richard Cameron-Wolfe, Piano.

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Making Music Modern:
New York in the 1920s

by Carol J. Oja.

Articles on Music.

When Does Sound Become Music by Dane Rudhyar. When Does Sound Become Music? by Dane Rudhyar. In his last article on music, Rudhyar addresses the question: When Does Sound Become Music? In doing so, Rudhyar recalls the words of his old friend Edgard Varèse - "Music must Sound!" Here Rudhyar makes one of his rare references to Rock music, and traces the birth of "Space" music as reaction to Rock. Together, Rock and Space music are seen as two aspects of the soul of a generation. From 1984. Read it now . . .

The Transforming Power of Tone and the Meaning of Dissanance by Dane Rudhyar. The Transforming Power of Tone and the Meaning of Dissonance by Dane Rudhyar. On the evening of 5 March 1972, KPFA-FM sponsored a performance of Rudhyar's music at Live Oak Park Theatre in Berkeley, California. Pianist Michael Sellers performed three compositions by Rudhyar: Granites (1929); Pentagrams Book III "The Release" (1924-25); and Syntony (completed and revised 1968). During the intermission, Rudhyar spoke on The Power of Tone and the Meaning of Dissonance. Read it now . . .

Early Musical Writings by D. Rudhyar. Early Musical Writings - Seminal Writings on the New Music of the XXth Century by D. Rudhyar. The Rudhyar Archival Project is pleased to announce Rudhyar's musical writings from the 1920s will be added to the online Archive during September 2004. These provocative, seminal writings include The Relativity of Our Musical Conceptions, Dissonant Harmony, and 'Going Back' in Music - To Where?, as well as articles on the music of Varèse, Ruggles, Scriabin and others.
   A CD-ROM compilation featuring the articles - along with The Magic of Tone and The Rebirth of Hindu Music - in printable Adobe PDF format will be issued later this year.

Early Musical Writings

Early Musical Writingsto be Archived

» The Harp and the Music of the Soul (1921)
» Carl Ruggles and the Future of Dissonant Counterpoint (1923)
» A Reply to Charles L. Seeger's "Reviewing a Review" (1924)
» The Birth of the Twentieth Century Piano (1926)
» Creators and Public: Their Relationship (1924)
» Musical Vitamins - A Modern View of Dynamism (1927)
» Looking Ahead into Paths Opened by the Three S's (1927)
» Schöenberg as a "Decomposer" (1930)
» The Mystic's Living Tone (1930)

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