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New Dynamics in Astrology

by Dane Rudhyar

Table of Contents

1. The Zodiac
as a Dynamic Process

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2. Twelve Phase
of Human Experience

3. The Creative Release of Spirit

This volume is dedicated to
Marc Edmund Jones

Part One:
The Zodiac as a Dynamic Process
- 1

These are days when all set entities and even the most material of objects are seen dissolving into the dynamic fluency of the new world summoned before our minds by the magic of scientific revelations. From the most common chair, on which we used to sit unaware of the electromagnetic waves playing within its mass, up to the realm of the human personality, now intricately analyzed into drives and complexes, wherever our mind seeks to know reality it meets the modern emphasis upon rhythmic activity, wave-motion and electromagnetic interplay of polar energies. Whereas our ancestors used to dwell in a comfortably static universe in which everything had a well defined and rationally reassuring name, a form and a permanent set of characteristics, today we find change enthroned everywhere. No moment is too small to be analyzed into component phases and events; no object too minute to escape fragmentation and resolution into mysterious somethings which turn out half the time to be electrical charges in a strange game of hide-and-seek.
      Against the classical concepts of permanence and identity the realization that all living is a dynamic process of transformation from which no entity escapes now stands backed up by the whole edifice of scientific research and theory. On the ruins of the world of thought dogmatically extolled by nineteenth century minds we witness the reappearance of ancient concepts which were for millennia the foundations of human knowledge. The universe is once more to be understood as an ocean of energies in which two vast complementary tides can be distinguished. Everywhere a dynamic and electrical dualism appears as the foundation upon which all reality stands.
      We are very close indeed to the ancient concepts of the ebb and flow of universal Life, of the in- and out-breathings of the universal Brahma. We are practically on the same ground as the Sages of China who described in their great "Book of Transformations," the Yi King, the cyclic waxing and waning of two universal forces of opposite polarities, Yang and Yin. Likewise modern thinking has come surprisingly near to some of the most fundamental concepts of ancient astrology; at least when these concepts are seen, not in the light of a classical European mentality, but in terms of a philosophy which is both a philosophy of dynamic change and a philosophy of human experience. It must be a philosophy of dynamic change if it is a philosophy of human experience, because all that man does experience is a sequence of transformations bounded by birth and by death.

By permission of Leyla Rudhyar Hill
Copyright © 1943 by David McKay Company
and Copyright © 1970 by Dane Rudhyar
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