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The Second Face
of Mercury

Effective promoter and communicator of new ideas, facilitator of change.

Allen Ginsberg and Joni Mitchell were born a day before Mercury’s superior conjunction. Getrude Stein was born a few minutes before a superior conjunction.

Promethean-Retrograde types are more likely driven by inner issues and desires; Promethean-Direct types are driven by external or social issues and concerns.

The Promethean-Direct mind is essentially established in its own nature and at peace with the requirements of life. It eagerly reaches toward the future and seeks to convey the rhythm of tomorrow.

The horoscope of Camille Paglia features Mercury Promethean-Direct at maximum elongation.

The second face of Mercury begins when its zodiacal motion is stationary turning direct, it ends forty to fifty days later. A few days after Mercury turns direct, it reaches its furthest distance from the Sun, about twenty-eight degrees. Known as Mercury’s greatest western elongation, it corresponds with the waxing square aspect or the first-quarter lunation type. Mercury’s greatest elongation symbolizes intensified, projective mental activity seeking external expression. About ten days after turning direct, intuition and future-inspired living quickens as Mercury’s speed of motion outpaces the Sun’s. Mercury is quickest around the superior conjunction which concludes this phase, when the mind is most eager, tending to run ahead of itself.
      A Promethean-Direct Mercury suggest a mind generally more at peace with itself and its environment than the Promethean-Retrograde. Individuals of this type are likely to be driven by external, social and "real world" issues. Inner drives and issues, and personal experiences, are more likely to be the mental forces behind individuals born during Promethean-Retrograde. Both types indicate eager, energetic, intuitive, compelling and future-oriented mental temperaments, but while exemplary Promethean-Retrograde types tend to be visionaries dedicated to creating, formulating and dramatizing new ideas and new ways of life, Promethean-Direct types are generally more able to effectively project their visions, reforms and agendas — often first inspired and articulated by Promethean-Retrograde types — upon the social and intellectual world, making things happen on a large-scale. It is no surprise this projective and effective Mercury type is seen in the birth charts of many successful politicians.

If your were born during Mercury’s Promethean-Direct phase, you possess an intuitive mind coupled with effective faculties of communication, enabling you to both convince others of the validity of your ideas and to inspire them with your future-oriented, farseeing vision. If you were born near Mercury’s maximum elongation, you may be so mentally intense and certain that some might find you overwhelming, while others may find you mentally stimulating and inspiring.
      Mind is neutral, which explains why astrological tradition assigns asexual attributes to Mercury. As a Promethean-Direct type, you need to focus on values (symbolized by Venus), because without a clear set of guiding values and ideals, a powerful Promethean-Direct mind can be a ruthless force. Cultivate mental watchfulness because your thoughts, ideas and visions may become concrete realities.
      The second face of Mercury is seen in the birth charts of Presidents Einsenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton. Fathers of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, exemplify the Promethean-Direct type, as do Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltson. The originator of the Quantum Theory, Max Planck, was born during this phase as well. So were Franz Liszt, precursor of the modern superstar, and his friend George Sand, the famous nineteenth-century novelist and liberated woman. Al Gore and the Dalai Lama of Tibet are also Promethean-Direct types.

1. Promethean-Retrogade
2. Promethean-Direct
3. Epimethean-Direct
4. Epimethean-Retrograde
The Progressed Mercury Cycle

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